The morning after is always rough if you are nursing a hangover. On Wednesday, hours after the celebratory dinner by the UPA, the hangover and the joke was on the common people.


Surreptitiously, the UPA which champions the cause of the common man, moved the needle on petrol prices by an astounding Rs7.54 per litre, thereby compelling the common man to park his petrol car in the garage and buy a cycle

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Source: The Times Of india ..22\5\2012

NEW DELHI: NCP leader and former Lok Sabha Speaker

P A Sangma

, who is being backed by BJD and AIADMK for the President's post, on Tuesday sought to reach out to political parties, saying he hoped they will respond "to the call of conscience of the tribal people of the nation."



Source: The Times Of india ..22\5\2012
PENUKONDA: 24 people were killed, at least 16 of them charred to death, and more than 40 others injured when the driver of the Bangalore-bound
Source: The Hindu   17 -5-2012
Google announced a major revamp of its web domineering search engine on Wednesday, just days after Microsoft’s rival Bing service announced upgrades of its own.

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